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This Sunday we had a missionary come to our church from the Fiji Islands. I love it when we have visits from missionaries because they always give compelling messages about sharing the gospel. It's a good reminder that we need to be continually sharing the gospel with others around us. Whether it be at school or work, while hanging out with friends and family, or even when going grocery shopping, remember to look for ways to be a light and a testimony to others. We know the truth and we cannot hold back.

Even if God has not called you to be a missionary in another country, He has called everyone to witness to those around them. I know I personally need to work on this more. I need to be a better example in my workplace. I need to study the Bible more so I can be better prepared to share the gospel. I need to not be afraid to share God's word with the lost around me, no matter where I am or how I feel. When I see an opportunity, I need to pray to God and ask Him for the courage to allow me to be His tool. This way, I can be used to see souls saved from the eternal fires of Hell.

Do you want to be used by God? Pray about it. Do you want to see the souls of those around you, including your own loved ones, be saved from Hell? Pray about it. Are you like me and need to work on it more? Pray about it. If there is anything I learned in today's sermon it's that ETERNITY IS NOT A JOKE. And that prayer is the key to change. If I want to see change happen it needs to start in my own heart, in my own personal studies, in my quiet prayer time with God. Let's all start being prayer warriors and start a change in our own hearts.

I know this post was preachy, but too many times do I personally make the mistake of taking eternity too casually. I wanted to make this post in case others need the same reminder as myself. Death is real and it will come faster than we can ever imagine. Heaven or Hell......where are you going? And also food for thought.....where are your families, friends, coworkers, or anyone else you come in contact with going? Let's pray, pray, pray, and pray!

Until next time,


Cynthia ♡

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